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Open Role: User Interface Design

We are looking for designers who want to do the best work of their career, building and contributing to design systems. Your role will occasionally be as a lead on aspects of projects, often in support roles with our multi-disciplinary teams. 

What You’ll Do

  • Create/contribute user experience fundamental documentation – knowing the “why” before refining presentation.
  • Utilize/contribute to research by the rest of the team to know what design solutions are right for challenges at hand.
  • Build wireframes for progressive web and native applications – familiar with the differences in UI translations from mock to code.
  • Design highly functional and aesthetically consistent mockups of interfaces and sometimes content layouts for marketing pages.
  • Build interactive prototypes using different platforms: Framer, Invision, or other.
  • Advocate and participate in a design culture of experimentation, exploration, and collaboration.

Background Requirements

  • 3+ years of professional experience leading/contributing to content layouts, interfaces, and design systems.
  • A strong portfolio of design work that demonstrates process and end-results.
  • Experience with highly complex product architectures.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to explain the reasoning behind complex decisions.
  • Fluent in the foundational principles of interface design.
  • For some roles, HTML/CSS/JS will be required.
  • A working knowledge of common front end development processes.

Contractors who work with us

You are empowered to work on projects you’ve never tackled before, with the freedom to explore, experiment, and learn. You are given leadership opportunities that are inaccessible for years at other agencies. You can enjoy free hosting for personal projects and request team collaboration. Additionally, you are paid the same day your invoice is received.

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