Appseed app in action capturing a design and converting it to a working interface.


Overview of Our Innovative Mobile App Project

Transmitter embarked on a pioneering project, utilizing cutting-edge computer vision technology to revolutionize the prototype workflow for application developers. The project was initiated based on Greg Goralski’s ability to capture hand-drawn sketches with a smartphone camera and add interactivity to these shapes.

Objective: The goal was to create a dynamic and innovative tool that catered to a creative and tech-savvy audience. The mobile app aimed to integrate seamlessly into the diverse workflows of both teams and individual creators, enabling easy creation, editing, management, and sharing of interactive prototypes directly from hand-drawn sketches.

Solution Strategy: The app was designed to be adaptable to real-world conditions, such as varying lighting and collaborative settings. It allowed for multiple captures, whether accidental or intentional, and supported a range of standard and non-standard user interface elements. The primary app functions were meticulously identified, and user processes were optimized to provide an intuitive and efficient experience.

Design and Development: The user interface was crafted with a focus on simplicity and speed. The app launched directly in capture mode, complemented by a pull-tab navigation drawer for quick access to sketches or existing files. A key feature was the ease of selecting and editing elements, offering a wide range of conventional UI components for incorporation.

User Testing and Feedback: The application underwent rigorous user testing, which revealed significant benefits. Not only did it streamline the creative process, but it also proved effective in quickly identifying design and interface issues, outpacing traditional paper prototyping methods.

Community Engagement and Funding: In line with Greg’s community-focused vision, the project sought funding through a Kickstarter campaign. Garnering attention from prestigious platforms like Wired, Forbes, and Tech Crunch, the campaign successfully reached its funding target. This external recognition and financial support were crucial in bringing the product to market.

Transmitter’s Role and Contribution: As a co-founder and part owner, Transmitter played a pivotal role in this project. Beyond financial support in the Kickstarter campaign, the team was instrumental in shaping the product strategy, design, and feature planning. The comprehensive plan developed by Transmitter was later handed off to a development team in April 2014 for final execution.

Impact and Success: This project stands as a testament to Transmitter’s innovative approach and ability to harness technology in enhancing creative workflows. The successful launch and adoption of the app marked a significant achievement in improving prototype processes for application developers.